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The cost of ownership of aircraft can account for up to thirty five percent of the Direct Operating Cost of an airline.

 Understanding the airline's need and matching that with the most cost effective fleet solution is essential for any airline's profitability.

The timing of the aircraft purchase within the industries economic cycle can significantly influence the price paid and concessions extracted from the manufacturers.

Simplifying the fleet mix will minimize the infrastructure and support costs for the airline.

Wild geese Aviation and its affiliates (WGA) has both the experience and the tools to provide insight into the cash operating costs and cost of ownership of aircraft, to evaluate the options available to operators and recommend an optimal fleet solution. 

Aircraft Evaluation

WGA's staff and affiliates can analyze and compare aircraft operating performance and economics in order to choose the best aircraft for each mission.

Projects completed in the past have included:

  • Turbo prop fleet replacements for aircraft ranging from 10 to 70 seats.
  • Regional jet operating economics evaluation and comparison.
  • Single aisle aircraft operating economics evaluation and comparison for 100 to 200 seat variants.
  • As well as evaluation and comparison of operating economics of twin aisle long-haul aircraft from A330 to A380 and 787 to B747-8.


Fleet Planning

 WGA's staff and affiliates have led the Fleet Planning efforts and optimization of the composition and utilization of a number of airline fleets ranging from regional turboprop operations to an International Flag carrier's long-haul fleets.

The firm's understanding of the interaction between Network Planning and fleet issues allows WGA to optimize schedules and minimize the Direct Operating Cost of aircraft fleets.

WGA specializes in the following areas of Fleet Planning:

  • Right sizing for the network
  • Assessment of optimal fleet composition
  • Analysis of break-even replacement economics